-Repair, overhauling & maintenance of all                type of M/E & auxiliary engines

   -DG repair/maintenance and installation

   -A/C & refrigerating plant's repair & overhaul

   -Turbo-charger overhaul & spare parts


   -Electromotor repair and rewinding


   -All kind of pump repair 


   -Boiler repairs

Engine Overhaul & Repair

Hull & Deck Repair

  -Shell plate, deck repair and  steel plate                    replacement


  -Hatch cover dent repair and modifications


  -Crane jib repair


  -Mooring arrangement - repair and replacement


  -Gangways - repair and replacement

Electric & Electronic Services

   -Repairs to existing installations such as main          board automation and bridge electronic

  -Commissioning and testing of all speed, wind,       autopilot and electronics systems

  -Full re-wires, damage repairs and remedial work

  -Navigation, instruments, radar, AIS, VHF and           HF space systems


  -Fire alarm, bilge alarm and pumping systems

Paint & Protective Coatings

-Sandblast and painting work on ships


-Supply of solvents, primers, deck paints,     paints and varnishes, marine chemistry,   marine oils and other fuels and lubricants

Spare Parts

  -Original / second hand spare parts


  -Main and auxiliary engine components and      consumables parts

  -Compressors, turbochargers, pumps,                separators, heat exchangers


Safety Equipments

   -Freefall life boat and davits tests, life raft tests,      certification exchange

   -Load tests services for cranes, davits

   structures, ballasts & counterweights

   -Epirb - Sart annual test and certification

   -Personal protection equipment 


   -Firefighting system annual checking hydraulic        test, certification and new supply



Technical Supply

 -Anchors and chains

 -Steel wire ropes

 -Pipes, tubes and fittings

 -Pumps, valves

 -Nautical publications & charts

 -All kind of hardware requirements


Workshop & Reconditioning

 -Re-conditioning of cylinder covers, exhaust    valves, seats and all type of pumps

 -Machine/grind gas sealing surfaces

 -Renewal of bearings and piston bands

 -Machinery installation